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Rothschild ”Puppet Master”


Last updated: November 28, 2011.


Eksisterer virkelig en Rothschild-superoligark som gjør alle
milliardærene til smågutter?



In general: about his identitity, family, wealth, ethics and IQ.

Q: Can you tell us about why the identity of the Puppet Master remains a secret?


            A: To avoid being pestered by those who run after the wealthy and powerful. To avoid all those assassination or kidnapping attempts. Obviously! We have stated that the Puppet Master is not on the books, and thus could not be found even if you had a name. He has more protection than the President of the United States. Why your interest? Do you think you can change the world in this manner? Address matters you can control and where you can make a difference, and stop dreaming. [ZT GPL Chat September 26, 2009]


* * *


Q: Why is the Puppet Master so smart? What is the secret of his smartness?


            A: The true trustee of the House of Rothchild has inherited more than wealth to manage, he inherited a high IQ. This is of course why that family trust developed in the first place. The second reason is that as much as the family cherishes its wealth, guarding its assets with good judgement calls, it values its intelligence. Many wealthy men marry women who are bimbos, for their compliance and beauty, not their intelligence. In these cases, they care for this current life only, not for what their children or grandchildren might inherit genetically. If anything, the native intelligence of the original Rothchilds has increased, within the trustee's family line. It should be noted that the public Rothchilds, who are de Rothchild, of the House of Rothchild, are descended from daughters, the female line, so are not those in charge of the trust. The official Puppet Master is off the books and untraceable. [ZT GPL Chat January 2, 2010].


* * *


“Nancy is asked at least daily who the Puppet Master is, and replies in each case that this branch of the Rothchild family is not public, and any individual you can identify is not thus the Puppet Master. This is a family trust, and some family members have assets, like an allowance, to do as they wish with. Their spending money is small change, in other words! The true line in charge of the family assets went off the books decades ago, and could never be traced, nor are they even in the public records, anywhere. This is not a Service-to-Self bunch, and do not start wars for benefit. There is devil worship, satanic, in the Catholic church, in certain royalty lines, in cults, in some political parties, and there have been members of the Rothchild family who dabbled in these black arts likewise. The Bush family is heavily into these attempts to gain a leg up in human affairs. As we have stated, this type of Call to those in the Service-to-Self never results in a reward to the humans, only an inclination of the human soul toward Service-to-Self. The Puppet Master is more inclined to be Service-to-Other than undecided, and many close to him in the line to replace him as master are highly Service-to-Other.”  [GPL Chat April 7, 2007]


* * *


“The Puppet Master whose vast wealth essentially controls the Western world is from the House of Rothchild, but is not from the publicly known family branch most often associated with this house. If you trace the lineage, the publicly known Rothchilds are born of daughters at some point in their ancestry, not the male lineage that the trust required. Names can be changed, and often are for public recognition. The male line went off the charts, hidden, many decades ago, and cannot be traced by any means you might conjure up. The Puppet Master does not make public statements, nor is he known to any but high level individuals around the world. He calls them to meetings, and they are delivered to a safe place of his choosing. The bottom line is no one has ever been able to challenge him on the basis of his personal safety, as his methods are far superior to any even the Secret Service has dreamed up.”  [GPL Chat July 7, 2007]


* * *


“We have frequently mentioned the Puppet Master, who controls the Western world by his great wealth, beyond what most even imagine. Fronts are arranged, so his wealth cannot be gauged. We have described his interest in controlling elections to be akin to herding cats. He does not choose, but approves or disapproves of various candidates based on his perception of how well they will protect his interests. It would astonish many that though of Jewish heritage, he is not interested in protecting Israel! We have stated that the push for this is from banking interests, which are in the main headed by those of Jewish heritage and fond of Israel. To the extent that the candidates are presented on the ballot, the vote has power. Where a candidate would be a concern to the Puppet Master, he would never reach the ballot, as money would be behind a campaign to discourage and discredit him or her.”  [GPL Chat June 23, 2007]


* * * 


Q: Some discussion of the Puppet Master and his power in the GLP forum this week. How much of a prisoner is the Puppet Master to his position, his family, and the tradition of the secret office he holds. Can the family board unseat him if he was found to be unfit? Suppose he just up and decided to hold a press conference and spill the beans - of course he won't - but could he even do it if he tried?


      A: The Puppet Master is in no danger of losing his position, and there is no group that can vote him out. He holds his position by virtue of being the eldest son of an eldest son, etc. [GPL Chat September 1, 2007]


* * *


”You should not assume that the financial Puppet Master rules the world like a firm father figure over a family of young children he can utterly control. Nothing is further from the truth. His attempts to control the activities of tens of thousands of contacts around the world is much more like herding cats, as the saying goes. Each of his contacts is an individual with a personal agenda. Intimidation and bribery does not work in this setting, as the individual agendas have a way of expressing themselves regardless of oversight. Highly intelligent, the Puppet Master thus attempts to align his own agenda with the agendas of those with whom he is negotiating. This works best, avoids messy battles, avoids the necessity of using extensive spying and snooping which in any case tends to build resistance in those he hopes to work with, and because the paths he and those he negotiates with are heading in the same direction, often expedites his plans with amazing alacrity.


This financial Puppet Master does not start wars, as some assume, but does seek to protect his assets and even gain financially if others start them. Wars are viewed by him as destructive, and he has never, ever, recommended them. The chemtrail operation is not his, nor does he advocate it. His personal resources are not threatened by what is viewed by the elite as the mob. It is the middle man, the wealthy class and politicians of the world, who are threatened by the mob. It is from these ranks that the desire to poison migrating survivors springs. The Puppet Master would no more try to stamp out every effort of those among the threatened establishment to protect themselves than he would try to locate every stray dog in the world so as to find them good homes. He is busy managing his financial empire, and simply not interested in being a cop.”  [GPL Chat November 17, 2007]



* * *


According to ZetaTalk, Rothschild Puppet Master was behind the design of Nibiru’s orbit on the Swiss 10 Franc note (1979-2000). See video.


The 10 Franc note (1979-2000).


There are too many similarities to be coincidence indeed. The solar system on the franc cannot be denied, as all the planets and even their moons are marked. A comet like object enters coming within the orbit of Venus on the franc, crossing Earth's orbit twice, just like Planet X, aka Nibiru. Bearing in mind that Planet X blocked the Earth from progressing in her orbit on December 25, 2003, mark the place where the comet first crosses Earth's orbit on the franc as being December. It was in the summer of 2003 that Planet X was no longer visible at night, so mark Earth at that point on the franc being in the June position. We have stated that the pole shift would occur when Earth had been pushed back in her orbit to the August position - stopped in December and pushed all the way back counterclockwise to August. Push the Earth on the franc from the June position to the August position and you have it where the comet will cross a second time.


Then there are the tall men, with slender faces. The Annunaki, even historically, as seen as walking taller than man, giants, with a face and head more long than round. Why would the Swiss be in possession of this information, and why would they put it on their franc? The Puppet Master lives in Europe and certainly utilizes the secrecy of the Swiss banks during his massive global operations. In the main, he operates behind the scenes, so his great wealth and influence cannot be calculated or determined. The Annunaki provided the Maya with a calendar, and the ancient Babylonians with their shar method of counting and their knowledge of the solar system, and built the Giant Pyramids as a sighting device during a prior pole shift. Are these the only tidbits of knowledge available to man?


Knowledge is power and great wealth buys secrets, as few can resist the immense payments proffered. The artisan who designed the franc did not expect to be discovered! Who could imagine that ZetaTalk would arrive to announce the arrival of Planet X in 2003, when the establishment was desperately covering it up. Who would imagine that ZetaTalk would insist that the Earth had stopped in her orbit, and revealed her anticipated orbital position at the time of the pole shift. The artisan was smug in his knowledge, flaunting it, secretly smirking every time he saw this information appearing in plain sight. Of course, once out, it could not be withdrawn without questions being raised, so it was left in place. Does the Puppet Master know the timing of the pole shift? The timing is known by no man, nor was it provided by the Annunaki, as the slow creep of Planet X past the Sun can encounter many obstacles. The path is certain, the timing is not!          [ZT Chat Q&A May 14, 2011]



About MJ-12

“The current Puppet Master was a member of MJ12, obviously as a factor of his great wealth. He also had a number of his sons inducted into MJ12, and he has employed ex-MJ12 people who meet with us on such matters as the joint effort to prevent voter fraud in the US elections in 2006 and the current Democratic primary.”  [GPL Chat May 24, 2008]



About 911

Q: The Puppet Master seems to have taken quite a risk by sponsoring 911 in that millions of people are now looking beyond the standard "reality matrix" these days in their search for 911 truth, despite hit pieces on 911 truth by his media assets like the History Channel. Is this evidence of the law of unintended consequences at work?


      A: He of course does not fear any investigation nor the ire of millions of people, as his personal existence cannot even be proven. The issue with any move the Puppet Master makes is the pro and con. He weighs the outcome if he does not take the action, against taking the action. Bush/Cheney at that time were 100 times more arrogant in their plans than they are today. Even though they invaded Iraq on the excuse that Iraq had something to do with 9.1.1, this was their plan in any case. They planned to do much more than simply invade Iraq, as their current plans to invade Iran and attempts to create a coup in Venezuela show. They were set back by 9.1.1, as they realized during that time that they were not as much in control as they assumed.  [GPL Chat Desember 1, 2007]


* * *


Q: Can the Zeta's also comment on why an E4-B 747 (aka the "Flying Whitehouse") was seen over Washington, DC just minutes before the 9-11 attacks? Who was in the plane and why?


      A: We have explained that where 9.11 was not caused by Washington insiders, it was certainly taken advantage of by those in the know. Bush was ushered out of town, so he could not be considered to be orchestrating events. Cheney did his best to delay mustering the Air Force defenses, a matter which is well known though not discussed in the press. The plane that was to strike the White House was shot down in Pennsylvania, but were that not the case those who had remained behind at the White House, including Cheney, were to escape to the air. The fact that their exit plane was in evidence ahead of the first WTC crash shows they had foreknowledge. Confusion existed over whether an exercise was ongoing or a real attack was underway. When reports came in that planes were not heading in the direction expected, most thought it was the exercise. The insiders in the know, and this includes Cheney, knew the truth and ordered the escape plane to be readied.  [GPL Chat December 8, 2007]



About the Bush administration 

“Bush is resisting the Puppet Master on a number of fronts, on the cover-up, on retreating from Iraq, and has the history of refusing to allow Kerry to replace him in 2004, a Puppet Master demand. The Puppet Master has and will continue to punish the US financially in order to weaken Bush, and to destroy Bush with leaks and scandals, the decapitation process we have described. It is for this reason the other G8 countries are confident the US and Britain will fail in Iraq, with Israel left to sit in the hornet's nest it has stirred up attempting to force a US invasion of Syria and Iran. They know what time will bring. The Puppet Master has cards in his deck not yet played. For instance, the flurry of missile tests from N Korea was at his request, to remind the US Military that an invasion of Iran would result in threats to the US territories in the Pacific. Bush is trapped, cannot go forward, and must retreat. In the mean­time, they are agreeing on a united and coordinated front of public admission re starvation and the Earth changes ongoing. Crop failures will be emphasized this year, where denied or repressed from the news in the past. More discussion of prophecy, evidence of past cataclysms, and self sustaining survival communities in existence today will be allowed in the news.”  [GPL Chat July 15, 2006]


* * *


“Indeed, after the 2004 elections were stolen, we reported that the Puppet Master was planning to decapitate Bush and company, and this has occurred as we predicted, and in the manner we predicted. Bush has been setup to be the big scapegoat when it is clear to the populace that the Planet X scenario that we have laid out is true, a situation that will come about in due time. The US, the White House, controls NASA, which has the Hubble, and controls the Navy, which is in charge of observatories world wide, and the many major media outlets the world uses as primary coverage of news. The fear Bush and company have about this potential is palpable, as they are aware of ZetaTalk and our warnings. This is one reason for the very harsh cover-up, which is more strict in the US than elsewhere. But like the rigid tree that does not bend in a windstorm, this rigidity will cause the cover-up in the US to snap, suddenly, with loss of control by the White House.”  [GPL Chat March 10, 2007]


* * *


”There are many games in the financial field, and many players. Taking advantage of an opportunity is something many can do, so someone as astute as the Puppet Master would not build a bubble and allow it to pop just to make a dime. This is a simplistic view. He can gain assets from the misfortune of others in a more controlled manner, without creating chaos. What is happening to the US under Bush is not of the Puppet Master's doing. Bush and company desired to be Kings in the Aftertime, peers of the Puppet Master, and assumed they had the power to do this because they controlled the US Military. They are still trying to accomplish their goals. They went broke trying to do so. That it is the US, the federal government, which went broke is not their concern, as they are not personally liable for the debt. The Puppet Master is in a delicate situation, as to continue to allow Bush to burden the US with debt puts stress on the rest of the world. He wants Bush demolished, the whole crew "decapitated" so the US is run by Congress and the agencies per their statutes and the Judiciary. To accomplish this, he must allow the mess the US has become to be become obvious. Thus, he steps back and allows problems to manifest. However, we anticipate he will not let the economy slide too far.”  [GPL Chat August 4, 2007]


* * *


ZetaTalk Prediction 8/19/2005: ”We stated when Bush stole the 2004 election that the Puppet Master was furious, as he had wanted a respected Viet Nam vet, John Kerry, to bring a rebelling US military into line, a situation that certainly would not occur with Bush continuing in office. Why does the Puppet Master care? Because the US Military has and is being used to protect his assets and interests, at home and abroad.”

A Shakespearean drama is about to unfold, with the synergy of undercutting of the Bush Administration creating a maelstrom under him that will astonish those who thought him strong. Bush busting, a decapitation of his influence such that the US is no longer run from the White House, but is on auto-pilot according to law and conscience. Such is the Puppet Masters plan, and there has not been a battle instigated by this Puppet Master that he has lost. The outcome is certain. [ZT Newsletter April 8, 2007]



3) About the 2008 financial crisis

Q: Why is the fed considering issuing their own debt directly? Is the Puppet Master tired of funding the bailout?


      A: The Fed is the Puppet Master, as the primary funder is the House of Rothchild. Shoring up banks did not put liquidity into the system, as the banks were too protective of themselves, creating a safety net for themselves. Thus, a more direct approach is being taken. Funds move from the primary funder to those needing a bailout, skipping the middleman.” [GPL Chat December 13, 2008]


* * *


Q: Can the zetas comment on why the housing collapse was allowed to develop? They have stated that the Puppet Master is very intelligent and that he does not want a financial collapse. One of the prime reasons for the housing bubble and subsequent collapse was the fed lowering interest rates to 1 percent in 2003. As the puppet master controls the fed surely he would be able to forsee the development of an asset bubble as a result of these actions? It seems to me that the collapse he is trying to avoid was in fact brought on partly by the actions of his controlled central banks. Can the zetas comment on this and the likelyhood of his ability to mitigate the coming financial disruption?


      A: The Puppet Master did not give the approval nod for a Housing Bubble, which involved fraud on many fronts and not just the Fed's rate. The Bush Administration failed in their regulatory duties and looked the other way, as they were desperate to pump up the economy to make Bush look good and keep the press to end the War in Iraq from becoming more shrill as dollars were needed at home. Do you think the US is so top-down driven that whatever a person at the top says is translated into action? The Puppet Master, as we have endlessly explained, is a financial entity and as such has immense influence but this is influence, not dictates. The Puppet Master did not invade Iraq or make a mess of the US eonomy. Bush did that.  [GPL Chat  January 26, 2008]


* * *


Q: ”The Huffington Post website recently published an article by Senator Bernie Sanders that states he was primarily responsible for getting a bill passed which required the Federal Reserve to publish how much money was given to what companies as bailouts. The amounts are incomprehensible to the average person: 21,000 transactions including: Goldman Sachs $600 Billion, Morgan Stanley $2 Trillion, Citigroup $1.8 Trillion, Bear Stearns $1 Trillion, Merrill Lynch $1.5 Trillion, GE, McDonalds, Caterpillar, Harley Davidson, Toyota, Verizon. All of which makes President Bush's Wall Street Bailout of $700 Billion seem like, as Sanders put it, 'pocket change'. And we also bailed out Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse by paying them $290 Billion each to purchase what are clearly worthless mortgage backed securities American companies sold them in the first place. Some of these banks then lent the money back to the Fed at high interest rates. I expect the Zetas will say this is a paper circus. But why? Who is fooling whom with this? Sure we have been told it is keeping the economy from falling off a cliff, but executives at these financial firms are getting bigger bonuses than before the mortgage backed security crashes. Our national debt is 14 trillion dollars, but is that a true figure, a worthwhile figure, and why? It looks like a third to a half of it was just plain handed out to the elite, and all the talk of social security being in the red, is besides the point, isn't it? Isn't this just rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic? If nothing is as we are led to believe, are not hearings in Congress on all of this a charade? As far as I can see, there is not 14 trillion anywhere. And leaders of Iraq and Afghanistan are taking 5o or more millions of US new dollars out of the countries every day and going to Dubai, which is almost bankrupt with all the spending on construction. This is all a house of cards, isn't it? I cannot believe that it can last until pole shift brings it down. More people do not have food or fuel than anytime in history and one million people are still living in tents in Haiti while a new 100 million dollar hotel is almost finished at the airport for aid workers. Isn't this disgusting?


            A: ”Since the Puppet Master operates primarily in the world of finance, and others of great wealth who might be called minor puppet masters likewise do so, they all feel that keeping the banking industry afloat is of prime importance. Why would that be? It's easy money. The banking industry makes money on transactions, which is likewise true of stock markets and similar markets such as gold and silver markets. A bank is required to keep a certain reserve, for stability in case a run on the bank requires them to pay out to depositors. But if stable, they are allowed to loan out multiples of what they have in savings accounts. They loan out cash they do not have, in essence, pulling this out of thin air. Then they charge interest on the loan. This is what makes bankers fat cats. Stock brokers make money every time stock changes hands, and if they can ramp up the value of a stock and get the market to churn, that's all the more in profits for the brokers.

We have talked about the banking system, stocks and bonds and paper money, as being a
confidence game in that without confidence that the piece of paper is worth something, the game would halt. Thus, allowing bankers and credit card companies and stock brokers to tout their wares is allowed and encouraged so the public continues to participate. The public, as the cow being milked, is a necessary item. Is all this run with integrity? Whatever the motives of the guy at the top, con men and rip-off artists abound, and mostly are dealt with quietly so the public does not lose confidence in the system. Many deaths result, termed suicides, which are anything but that. When sufficient controls are not in place, such as occurred under the Bush/Cheney administration, and the house of cards threatens to collapse, revealing instability and con games and illegalities, red lights go off.

The Bush/Cheney administration deliberately allowed the housing bubble to develop. They allowed the SEC to look elsewhere so the US economy could enter a housing boom and their invasion of Iraq would be supported by taxpayer funds. Seeing that no one was watching, mortgage lenders committed all manner of atrocities, illegal at their core. By the time all this was discovered in the Fall of 2008, the house of cards collapsing around them in the Wall Street crash, a collapse of immense proportions would have resulted by simply stating the truth. The mortgage backed securities sold around the world as class A securities were virtually worthless. The infection had been spread to banks worldwide. The specter of the Great Depression loomed, with almost all banks failing and commerce halting.

The only way out was to flood the banking industry, and insurance companies that had insured them, with cash. Cash can be printed, which is what the Federal Reserve does. The
M3 category on reporting, which states where the money comes from, went secret in March, 2006 - a sure sign that the printing presses were working overtime. The Federal Reserve also is funded primarily by the House of Rothchild, which of course has ties to the Puppet Master. In evaluating how much was spent during the bail-out, evaluate what would have been lost had the immense failure rate that was pending been allowed to happen. Think like a Puppet Master interested in keeping the system intact. Pay good money after bad? Yes, if the alternative is worse!”     [ZT Chat Q&A December 11, 2010]



About media

Q: The History Channel has a show called Mega Disasters. It seems obvious that this particular show was made with educating the public about cataclysms in mind. Can the Zetas be specific and tell us what shows the Puppet Master has influenced in their productions?


      A: The entire series was under his influence. The History Channel has had a number of TV shows pointedly awakening the public awareness of the coming times. This series is just the latest. Discovery Channel, which should by its name be leading this charge is not doing so. Why? Because the editors and staff are either not amenable to awakening the public or firmly under the thumb of the White House cover-up. Thus, one goes with the flow, which in this case it is the History Channel which allows its producers the latitude to create such shows. [ZT GPL Chat September 29, 2007] 



About hopes and plans for the time after the Earth crust displacement in 2011

Q: The Zetas have stated that Puppet Master has a direct, controlling, ownership based link to most all banks worldwide and owns the debtor/creditor relationships, and expects to maintain those relationships after the shift. I don't understand how this debtor/creditor relationship will survive the general disruption of the pole shift and its aftermath. It seems to me that rather than emerging once again as the de facto behind the scenes ruler of the financial and political world, he will just be another survivor, albeit still a very wealthy one, I would assume. It just seems to me that there will be too much disruption and too little left of our command and control society for him to be able to effectively run things in the aftertime, as we will be forced into a village type survival mode even in the best of circumstances. He would have to institute a giant feudal empire, and to do so without modern banking, government, media, communications, industry, etc. Just seems very improbable to me.


      A: What the Puppet Master hopes will survive, and what will survive, are two different things. Everyone wants their world to survive, their status quo to survive. Paper ownership of land will be challenged, if not lost entirely. The Puppet Master will have to negotiate with the new squatters, eventually. Assets such as corporates and companies along with buildings and trained personnel and market territory will not survive, period. Political structures may survive, and in this regard having connections and contacts places him in good standing with survival communities. Since the Puppet Master will have more of what everyone else is trying to salvage, including supplies and connections, he is likely to come out on top of the pile, however diminished. He will negotiate with survival communities, offering win-win deals as he has always done, and where diminished will probably die in a position of power similar to that as he hold today.” [GPL Chat September 15, 2007]


* * *


Q: Who is pushing the false flag terror now? Obama has the power of the government now so martial law does no good for the NWO crowd. It seems like on matters financial and political Obama and the Puppet Master are cooperating. One assumes that this is to the good of all in general at least?


            A: Obama is not cooperating with the crowd that wanted the rich to get richer, the poor to be exterminated, and martial law to be called to ensure the comfort of the elite. This is why they attempted to assassinate him during his Wall Street visit. The Puppet Master likewise is not interested in the comfort of what he would call mid-level managers, such as the Rockefellers. The immensely rich Puppet Master knows he will come out on top, and is not concerned about the insecurities of politicians or of Israel or of the wealthy upper classes or royalty. He likes what Obama is doing, as the Puppet Master knows that strong survival communities will ensure that something will be there after the pole shift, something he can negotiate with, whereas the crowd that put Bush into power will ruin assets in order to ensure their security. A skilled worker base is an asset, in the Puppet Master's opinion, and Obama looks out for the common man. [ZT GPL Chat September 26, 2009]


* * *


Q: Can Zetas comment on PTB, Puppet Masters, etc., present state of action, thinking, etc. at this time?


            A: Beyond what we have stated, no. The Puppet Master would like to see strong survival communities and is disappointed that the middlemen, those in political power and in charge of the media, have not done more to encourage this. He feels that unless the public is seriously informed in some manner, and encouraged to be self sufficient where possible, that much will be lost. The middlemen are exposed to the public and fear the wrath of the public when they realize they have been lied to. This game is in play, and not yet resolved. [ZT GPL Chat January 2, 2010] 



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